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Battlefield Africa


A member of our local gaming group has published his colonial rules, entitled Battlefield Africa.

Here is the introduction for the rules:

"This is a set of rules that allows you to play large (2-500 figures on a board) skirmish actions in the 19th and 20th centuries. Each commander may easily run up to 100 figures with some experience. Battle length can range from 2 seconds for a 2 figure fight to six hours if all 500 natives show up. The rules have successfully (we had a good time) been used for Colonial and American Civil War actions. Colonial actions we have played spanned from Africa to Mexico and even the Western USA. With this set of rules you can play with any of your toys for the 19th and early 20th Century (given modifiers, it may even work for WW2, Modern and ultra-Modern as well)."

"I could try to bore you to tears with a statement like [rules based upon months of experience as...] or I could try the approach of mathematics, science and physics but then again it would not indicate the true nature of the research efforts taken by NUTS (Northern Utah Tacticians and Strategists) to develop this set of rules. The rules are actually based upon hours of watching every great Colonial and Western video around (March or Die, Lion and the Wind, Zulu, Zulu Dawn, etc.) and 100+ years of wargaming experience (well, if you add up everyone in NUTS...). With years of play testing by NUTS the outcomes have been historically correct (followied the TV/movie outcomes), and actually brought us to the conclusion that we should write the rules down as this minimizes the errors that occurred when [making up] rulings."

"The scope is to cover skirmish actions in 25mm using individually mounted figures. The main period of interest is the mid-1800s through the early 1900s. Weapons fire is dismal to effective and melee is very deadly. The rules are not meant to give perfect historical results, but are meant to be very fun. The overall purpose is really to have fun with toy soldiers in a historical to non-historical setting."

The rules are spiral bound, and run 29 pages including color front and back covers. Two stiff paper reference tables are included.

The rules are now available from us, for $22 postpaid ($25 postpaid outside the US). Please let me know if you'd like a set.

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