Mr. Gajo's Paint Bench:

Many of you have asked me for previews of coming releases, and are generally interested in what we are working on.

This page shows some information on upcoming production, and also some preview shots (where available) of some of the new master figures we are working on. Please remember our production pipeline - these masters will go out to our contract painters upon completion of a batch / set, and will not be available to order for some time. Still, they do give you an idea of how future releases will look.

Upcoming Releases and Restocks:

Coming Early 2019 -

   15mm World War 2: Italian Bersaglieri Rifle platoon [NEW!]
   15mm World War 2: Italian Bersaglieri Mortar, Lt Mortar and MG platoons [NEW!]
   15mm Napoleonic: French Mounted Officers [RESTOCK]
   15mm Napoleonic: French Cuirassiers [RESTOCK]
   15mm Team Yankee: West German Infantry [RESTOCK]

Preview Shots / 15mm WW2 Italian:

Italian Bersaglieri Weapons - Battlefront Figures

Italian Bersaglieri Rifles - Battlefront Figures

Italian Bersaglieri Mortars & MGs - Battlefront Figures

Preview Shots / 15mm WW2 German / Eastern Front:

German Grenadiers - Battlefront Figures

German Panzergrenadiers - Battlefront Figures

German Asault Pioneers - Battlefront Figures

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