The GAJO Scale:

Rating Figure Paint Quality

The GAJO scale was created by George Johnson, and originally developed to assist customers in evaluating used figure collections, back when we bought and sold them. We still use the scale to describe our pre-painted figure offerings.

The Base GAJO Scale - Please note that the GAJO Scale evaluates only the painting quality of the figure. We also note the figure maker, such as Battle Honors or Sash and Saber. The customer should know if they like Essex figures, we rate the painting quality separately from the quality of the figure in bare metal.

The GAJO scale runs from 1 to 10, as follows -

    1 - bare metal or primed
    2 - partly painted, metal showing
    3 - painted, no metal showing
    4 - basic gaming quality, all areas covered with historical colors
    5 - nice figures, with some good touches
    6 - very nice figures, all covered with good color separation, pleasing
    7 - top quality gaming figures, excellent color separation with highlighting and shading
    8 to 10 - contest winning quality, generally too pricey for gaming over small scale skirmish

All of our recent production newly painted figure sets are being done to a grade 7. Some of our older sets would have been done to a grade 6.

Plus Grades -
If a figure has some nice touches but is not ready for the next level it can be given a plus, for example a base 5 Roman legionaire with a really nicely painted shield might be rated as a 5+.

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