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2020 - Number 9


View of the Table Looking West
Black Powder Mega Game: Battle of Camden, 1780

Our latest mega game was set in the American Revolution, a refight of the Battle of Camden. This disasterous battle saw the disgrace of American General Gates, the hero of Saratoga, in a crushing defeat for the Patriots. I tweaked the historical scenario to mitigate some of Gates' very poor pre-battle decisions, and we refought it using Black Powder.

It was still a tough battle for the Patriots, with Lord Cornwallis' Army pretty near its peak effectiveness. Our refight saw some twists, including a much better performance by the Patriot Militia, but in the end Cornwallis managed to prevail again. The victory was much harder fought though, and British losses much higher than historically.

Great fun!

British Forces Advance, But with Punishing Losses

Dave's Continentals Counterattack

British Line is Excellent in Close Combat

Shawn Struggles to Contain Cody's Militia

Heavy Fighting in the West

The Patriot Line Holds On

Arb Pushes in the Center

Patriots Pushed Back All Along the Line

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