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2020 - Number 7


Jeff Deploying His Armor
Flames of War: January Open Play Day

Our monthly open play day for Flames of War saw us continuing with Normandy themed games, with several US vs. German matchups.

A German Panther force took on a US Sherman force in Breakthrough, with a close game ending up with the US forces holding on. Another German force of Panzergenadiers and Panthers took on a large US Sherman and Armored Infantry force in the Bridgehead mission. The Americans pushed hard, but were unable to shift the Germans. So honors finished even for this month. Great fun!

Cody Awaits the German Onslaught

While Garry Pushes Toward a Key Eglise (Church)

Panzergrenadiers Dug in Near the Church

American Flanking Force Advances

Panzers Push Against Sherman 105s

Stuarts Join the Flank Attack

The Church is Holding

Panthers Support the Church Defenders

The American Assault on the Church

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