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2020 - Number 5


Dennis Surveys an Iran / Israel Clash
WW3 Team Yankee: January Open Play Day

Our monthly open play day for World War 3: Team Yankee saw a wide variety of games. In the European theater we had a very large East vs. West German clash, and a smaller Polish vs US/UK clash.

In the Middle East, we had three actions - a US Armor vs Iranian clash, and two huge Iran vs Israeli / US clashes. Great fun!

US Marines Support the Israelis

Syrians and Iranians Advance

An Iranian Force Takes on US M1s

US / British vs. a Polish Advance

Intra-German Skirmish Underway

Poles Taking Casualties

Iranian Artillery in Action

Revolutionary Guard T-62s Under Heavy Fire

Iranian Scorpions Burn on the Hilltop

Israelis Try to Blunt the Massed Syrians

While Harriers Strike Iranian Armor

Bart Checks His AA Shots

The Syrians Push on the Bridge

Iranian Basij Cut Off US Armor

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