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2020 - Number 3


US Paras Surprise German Bridge Guards
Bolt Action: Normandy Paratroop Assault Games

The Skirmish Group continued its series of Bolt Action Normandy games this month, with two giant paratroop assault games. One had British paras conducting a glider assault on Pegasus Bridge, while the second table focused on the US sector, with the paras trying to secure a vital bridge and a small crossroads village to block German reinforcements.

Both games were incredibly close - the British Paras made it onto Pegasus Bridge, and destroyed the initial German relief attempts, but were eventually overwhelmed and forced back from the bridges. The Americans narrowly won their table, managing to kill General Dollman with a bazooka shot, and were securely holding the town and tenuously holding the bridge at the end of the game.

Some beautiful looking games, with cool special rules and some great fun!

The German Bridge Guards Fall to Para Fire

The German Town Garrison, Startled

Paras Push on the Town from all Directions

And Open Fire on the Bewildered Garrison

The Garrison Takes Heavy Casualties

Paras Finish Off the Officer

German Reserves Rush Toward Pegasus Bridge

As Glider Troops Emerge

The Pegasus Bridge Garrison is Pinned Down

As Paras Rally and Adavance

Firing Continues Near the American Bridge

A US Medic Dashes for Cover

The British Paras Push on the Bridge

And Put the Guards Under Heavy Fire

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