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2020 - Number 16


Dave's US Infantry Push on Shawn's German Position
Flames of War Mega Game: Argentan, 1944

Our latest mega game was set during the breakout from Normandy, as US forces pushed north against the area that became the Falaise pocket. The French city of Argentan, south of Falaise, was a critical location, a hub for access roads that linked German forces with escape routes to the east. US and Free French forces fought a number of actions around the city during August of 1944, as German forces tried desperately to hold it.

The table was based on the City and its surrounding environs, and offered a wide mix of hedgerows, hedged fields and open and boggy areas, forcing both sides to be flexible in the use of their forces. The US forces advanced aggressively from the start, as German reserves trickled on to slow and hopefully stop their advance. The fighting in the city and to the east was quite intense, and back and forth.

When the dust settled, the US held the advantage around Argentan itself, and in the area to the immediate east, while the Germans had fought them to a draw everywhere else. So the Americans secured a tactical victory, while the Germans were able to continue their withdrawal to the east.

Great fun!

Tanks Duel in the Hedgerows

Garry's Americans Take a Key Bridge

US Artillery Pounds German Positions

Phil's Massed US Armor Moves Up

Cody Watches the US Advance

Cody's Infantry Dig in on an Objective

Mike, Bart and Aaron Confer on How to Hold the Town

While Dennis' US Cavalry Approaches

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