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2020 - Number 14


Mike and Jeff Deploy Their Forces
Flames of War: February Action

Our most recent Flames of War game day saw another good variety of games, focused on Normandy.

We also had some players who wanted to play a mid-war Eastern Front action, which added some nice variety.

When the dust settled the honors were mostly even between the Allies and Axis. I'm looking forward to next month!

Dave's Priests Open Up

Panzergrenadiers in a French Village

German Panzers Advance

Tense Battle Between Garry and Phil

Garry's Soviets Taking Fire

T-34s Maneuvering

Soviet Infantry Moves Up

Cody's Americans Push on Shawn's Germans

Dave's US Infantry Clear Out Some Panzergrenadier Armor

But Craig's Reserves Arrive in the Nick of Time

Panzergrenadiers Hold the Village

Mike's US Push Aggressively

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