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2020 - Number 12


Mike and Gary Deploy Their Israeli-US Forces
Team Yankee: February Action

Our most recent Team Yankee game day saw another good variety of games, with a mix of European and Middle East Theatre action.

On a large Middle East table, an Israeli and an American force faced off with a Syrian force and an Iranian force.

On the European tables, we had Czechs against US and Poles against Dutch matchups. Great games all, and lots of fun!

Syrian Forces Under Heavy Fire

But Holding On (Barely)

Gary Prepares as Basij Move Up

Iranian Chieftains Flank an Israeli Minefield Position

Czech Artillery in Action

US and British Forces Advance

Poles Engaging the Dutch Line

Dutch Leopard Is Trying to Look Imposing

Joe's Poles Push Through the Woods

But More Dutch Await

Dutch Ready to Advance

Heavy Firefight in the Polish Center

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