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2020 - Number 10


A Para Squad Takes Out an MG Position
Bolt Action: Battle of Brecourt Manor Refight

Our latest Bolt Action event saw us refight the famous action at Brecourt Manor, where the "Band of Brothers" from the 101st Airborne took out a German artillery position that could fire on Utah Beach.

We played the mission as laid out in the Bolt Action Overlord Campaign book, and it was a very tense fight. The paratroopers took out one gun and spiked it fairly quickly. The German defenders though rolled quite well, steadily attritioning the small para force. Getting to the second gun, which would seal at least a draw in the mission, was harrowing. But eventually the paras succeeded. With German reserves moving in and heavy casualties, more was just not possible, and the fight ended in a draw.

This was a great and very balanced mission, and great fun!

But Take Heavy Losses to German Fire

A Nearby Gun Position Fires at the Paras

As Does the Leftmost Gun Position

German Reserves Move Up

The Firefight Continues

More Paras Arrive

The Para LMGs Try to Pin the Defenders

Americans Advance Up the Trench

The Paras Spike the Second Gun

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