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2020 - Number 1


Smaug Lands in Lake Town
Middle Earth: The Battle for Lake Town

Our December Mega Game was again set in Middle Earth, this time focused on the Lake Town area. Jim put together a magnificent Lake Town layout, and ran a game using the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game recreating Smaug's assault on the town. Various players with different objectives cooperated, or not, to defeat the mighty dragon. The Master, for example, was just trying to escape with his gold, and was of limited help to the others. Smaug succeeded in burning about 60% of the town, but had been reduced to one wound remaining when the black arrow finally got to Bard. Bard did not miss, and the dragon fell, exactly as he did in the book (and movie).

At the same time, I ran a field battle game set near Lake Town, using the excellent but out of print GW War of the Ring rules. A mix of Orcs, Goblins and Trolls under Bolg took on a mixed Dwarven / Elvish force, nearly breaking them until Bolg's supporting Gundabad orcs panicked and left him unsupported, and he was hacked down by a Dwarven hero. Bereft of their leader, the forces of evil retired to lick their wounds.

All in all a good day to be on the side of good, and some great fun!

The Townsfolk Rally Against the Dragon

The Winery Was an Early Target (Dragons Don't Like Wine-ing...)

Smaug as His Intimidating Self

Civilians Start to Flee

Bard's Windlance Awaits His Escape from Jail

Forces Deploy for the Field Battle

The Field Battle Used the War of the Ring Rules

Orcs on Beasts, Oh My

Ragged Militia Advance

Wood Elf Firepower on Display

The Dwarf Line Under Pressure

Brave But Overconfident Goblins Charge High Elves

And Somehow Survive...

Jonas Handles the Evil Left Flank

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