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2019 - Number 81


US Armor Breaks Through
Flames of War / December Action in Normandy

Our December Flames of War action saw two large battles as part of our ongoing Normandy campaign. After last month's Allied sweep, the German forces rebounded and won both actions handily. The first game was a fighting retreat, which went right down to the wire, with the Germans pulling out the win on the very last turn possible. The next game featured a mass of Tigers, holding off a combined US armor and paratrooper attack. Two excellent games!

Tigers Firmly Hold the German Center

German Observer Watches the US Armor Advance

Cody's 105s Look Downrange at Dave

Dave's M10s, the Hero Unit for the US

P-47s Skim Above the Vineyards of Normandy

US Paras Push Into the Village

Tigers Move to the German Right Flank

Craig's Shermans in their Normal State (Burning)

Craig's Armored Infantry in their Normal State (Pinned)

Cody's Observer Taking Fire

Dave Pushes Into the Village

A P-47 Strike Finally Kills a Tiger

Dave's M10s Join In

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