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2019 - Number 80


Nervous Onlookers
WW3 Team Yankee / December Action

Chris and Dave recently tried out a new set of Medieval rules, and set up a clash during the 100 Years War. It was a great looking game and they were very positive on the gameplay.

The Franco-Scottish-Genoese host some 4,400 strong approaches the 4,000 stout-hearted Englishmen

Atop the ridge, David The Gray Prince awaits

Genoese mercenary crossbows, wisely deployed just out of range of the feared English longbows

Scottish pikes and some local peasant levy on their ill-fated sortie against the English right

Arrows start to fall among the peasants throwing them into even greater disorder than usual

The Scots deploy into line and press forward

As the English right shifts across the knights in the French center move forward seeing a gap open up

The longbows quickly remove a base of Scots

The much-reduced Scots are forced to make panic tests before even reaching the English line. They pass and plough on supported by a detachment of French knights sent to reinforce

The English reserve battle made up of mounted knights move down off the ridge to face their French counterparts

More French knights from their right flank move to join the imminent clash

The attack on the English right, having been savaged by bow fire, makes little impact

The flower of Anglo-French nobility clashes in the center

More French knights pour forward...

...and numbers begin to tell

The English center buckles

As elements of the English right turn to help the beleaguered center, a small band of French knights launch a charge that finally catches the enemy archers and rides them down.

At this point the English center and right broke almost simultaneously and their left, having spent the day launching arrows at the Genoese hiding behind their pavises, retreated from the field

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