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2019 - Number 79


Syrian Gazelles Fire on Israeli Merkavas
WW3 Team Yankee / December Action

Our regular Team Yankee action continued this month, with a variety of games. We tried out the new 120 point level that Battlefront announced for the upcoming tournament season, and the players seemed to like the challenge of figuring out a force at the new level.

We had one Europe-based action, with a British force with US allies taking on a Polish force with Soviet allies. We had two Middle Eastern actions, with the first seeing a West German force taking on a Soviet force.

We also had a four player game in the Middle Eastern theatre, with 2 Syrian forces taking on Israelis and US Marines. The games were great, enjoy the photos!

Syrian Armor Advances on US Marines

The Israelis Try to Thin the Syrian Ranks

Gary's Merkavas Rule the Roost (For Now...)

West German Infantry Try to Slow the Soviets

Soviet Hinds in Action

More Germans Move Up

Poles Advance

British Infantry Open Up with Milans

German Tornados Arrive

Hitting the Soviet Advance Hard

Czech Rocket Artillery Opens Up

The Marines are Holding

More Merkavas Arrive

The Syrian Advance Starts to Falter

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