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2019 - Number 78


Flak Batteries Ready for Action
Bolt Action - Overlord / Pathfinder Drops

The Skirmish Group kicked off a series of Bolt Action D-Day games with a neat scenario recreating the Allied Airborne Pathfinder Team drops on D Minus 1.

The Pathfinders had to dodge Flak, make their drops, consolidate, and set up their beacons for the next wave, while the German garrison troops tried to deal with French partizans bombing key installations and ambushing their patrols.

The game wound up being great fun, with the Partizans being incredibly effective (read as "lucky"), and the airborne troops taking heavy losses but completeing their missions. The German commanders did a great job in pulling their forces together, and getting them ready to repel any follow-up waves. It was quite exciting and cinematic, great job by Arb and Shawn putting everything together.

Deploying, Radar Station in the Foreground

The Critical Fuel Dump

Alan's Distraction Plan - Cow with Satchel Charge

German Flak Opens Up

The Town is Quiet - For Now...

The British Airborne Sector

German Motor Pool

Party Official's HQ

Mat Does His First Drop - Paper Tages from 36" High

Jordan Gets His Turn

Mat's Second Drop

Paras Work to Consolidate

Alan Channels His Inner Frenchman

Mark Tries to Pull His Scattered Patrols Togehter

The Resistance Takes Out a Bridge

German Patrol About to Be Ambushed

British Paras Set their Beacon

The Boobytrapped Cow is Revealed as Faux

German Town Garrison Mounts Up

Inexperienced Patrol Combs the Fields

The Motor Pool Ablaze

The Town Garrison is Ambushed

Firing Rings Out in the Night

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