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2019 - Number 77


The Allied Left Flank/ Jagers Hold the Woods
Black Powder - Bautzen, 1813

Our series of Black Powder Napoleonic games continued recently, as we work through the key battles of 1813 ahead of our gigantic Battle of Leipzig set for next year.

This time we focused on the Battle of Bautzen, with a French and Allied force attacking a combined Russo-Prussian force as Napoleon tried to come to grips with the Allied armies during the spring.

The game wound up going pretty historically, with a crushing French flank attack delivered by Ney's Corps, but with debilitating losses for the French leaving the victory feeling quite Pyrrhic. Great fun and I look forward to the next game of the series!

Opolchenie Take a Pounding in the Center

The French Assault in the Center

Pavlov Grenadiers Move Up

Ney's Forces Turn the Allied Right Flank

And Assault the Hinge of the Allied Line

Italian Cavalry Advances

Heavy Fighting in the Center

Russian Artillery Pounds the Advancing French Attack Columns

The French Seize a Key Bridge

Cavalry Duel on the French Right

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