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2019 - Number 76


Tigers Face Down Massed Soviet Infantry
Flames of War Mega Game - Ponyri Station, 1943

Our most recent mega game celebrated my favorite holiday of the year, Tanksgiving! This time we focused on the northern pincer of the Kursk offensive, and the critical tank battles around Ponyri Station, during the battle of Kursk in 1943.

This action saw the debut of the Ferdinand Tank Destroyer, and several players brought some in their forces. We also had a good mix of other German armor, from Panzer IVs to Panthers and Tigers. The Soviet forces were more varied, as several players only had built infantry to date.

The game wound up going pretty historically, with the only clear German progress on their western flank, they were stymied in the center and in the east, and Ponyri Station remained in Soviet control throughout the game. To celebrate Tanksgiving, the shop donated 5% of our sales for the day to the Utah Food Bank, so we had a great time and raised some nice money for charity as well.

Ferdinands Lead in the Center

Jim and Hayden Dig In Around the Station

More Panzers Push Forward

Jeff Heads for the Village of Ponyri

Shturmoviks Scream Onto the Table

The German Right Struggles Through Woods

We Can't Kill Them All!

A Ferdinand Claims a Kill

Stalemate in the Center

The Tigers See Off Some SU-85s

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