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2019 - Number 75


US Infantry Deploy Against Beach Defenders
Flames of War - Global Campaign

Our monthly Flames of War day saw us move on to the second stage of the Battlefront global Normandy campaign.

After a good showing by the German forces during stage one, the Allies really recovered for stage two, winning on all three of the campaign paths for this stage.

All of the games were very close, but the Allies prevailed and will have some advantages on each route during the next stage. Great fun all around.

German Beach Defenders Near St Lo

US Armored Infantry Advance on St Lo

Initial Firefights are Initiated

US Armor Arrives

116th Panzer Panthers Near Villers Bocage

Panzergreandiers Holding a Key Village Near Villers Bocage

Heavy Fighting in Villers Bocage

The Fall of Villers Bocage

Panzergrenadiers Cover the German Retreat

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