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2019 - Number 72


British Infantry Prepare to Receive Soviet Armor
Team Yankee - November Open Play

Our monthly Team Yankee day saw another great slate of games, with exercises between a US Marine force and a Canadian force, and an exciting clash between a Soviet force and a British Airmobile force with US allies.

The Middle East was not left out, with a giant clash between a Syrian and Soviet force and two Israeli forces, set in the Gaza Strip.

All of the games were very close, with the Canadians pulling out a win, and the Israelis just barely holding on against a very determined Soviet assault. Great fun all around.

Soviet AA Holds Off Repeated Harrier Strikes

US Marines Face the Canadians

British Rapiers Deploy

British Reserves Rush to Halt the Soviet Breakthrough

And Inflict Heavy Casualties

British Infantry vs "Brutal" Tank Guns

Soviet Assault Crosses a Stream

British Infantry Fall Back

Israeli F-16 Strike

Israeli Magach 6s Under Heavy Fire

Israeli Mech Infantry Dug in on an Objective

Soviet Support Among the Apartment Buildings

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