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2019 - Number 71


Union Infantry Deploying
Black Powder ACW - Shiloh Series Finale

The Skirmish Group concluded their series of Black Powder ACW games this month with the final action of their Shiloh series. In the first game, the Union altered history by routing the Confederate forces on the first day of Shiloh. In the second game, the Union pursuit after the battle was savaged by a Confederate counterattack.

This set up the third game, which saw forces of both sides intermingled in the fog on the following day. When it cleared, the forces of each side were scattered, many with enemy on multiple sides. Alan "Fog of War" Austin organized the scenario, and it really mixed things up.

The game turned out to be a real hoot - there was heavy fighting on all parts of the table, with some wonderful situations created, as when Shawn's Union cavalry, with Confederates on all sides, formed a rough square. We promptly named the formation after him, "the Bagley", and it didn't end well but was great fun. In the end, the Confederates came out on top, winning the series 2 games to 1.

A Confederate Brigade Deploys

Shawn's Cavalry Find Themselves Surrounded

Dave's Union Try to Deploy

Confederates Advance on Union Cavalry

Bushwhackers Dismount

The "Bagley" in Action

More Union Cavalry Holds a Stream

Heavy Action in the Woods

Surrounded Union Cavalry Form "Bagley" (Square??)

Heavy Fighting on the Union Right

A Whipped Confederate Unit Falls Back

Deploying Through Crop Fields

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