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2019 - Number 70


A Hawker Hunter Flight Streaks Down the Amman Highway
Fate of a Nation - Syrian Invasion of Jordan Mega Game

Our mega game for October was a different take on the Arab-Israeli Wars. The game was based on the Syrian invasion of northern Jordan, during the Black September fighting between the Jordanian government and the PLO in Jordan.

This gave us a chance to pit two very different Arab armies against each other, the Jordanians with western equipment and organization versus a Syrian force very much organized on Warsaw Pact lines. Also unique was the Jordanian air superiority, as the Syrians did not commit their air force to the invasion, just ground forces.

The game turned out quite historically - the Jordanian forces on the ridge lines were quite effective, but where the Syrians got up close on level ground they gained the upper hand. The Jordanian Hawker Hunters were quite effective, as historically, and we wound up with a narrow Jordanian victory. Great fun.

More Hawker Hunters Arrive

And More Hunters

Diving to Attack

Syrians Engage Jordanians Near Irbid

The Table Looking East From Irbid

More Syrian Success Near the ar-Ramtha Crossroads

Syrian Infantry Pushes Up a Ridgeline

T-55s Burn in front of the Ridge

Syrian Assault in the Center

Sagger Teams Provide Supporting Fire

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