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2019 - Number 7


Cody and Dan Deploy Their Forces While Garry Looks On
Flames of War: Stalingrad Campaign Update (January)

Our ongoing Flames of War Stalingrad campaign continued this month with yet more action, both within the city and around it. The pivotal battles focused on two areas along the German corridors as they tried to relieve the surrounded forces within the city itself.

Both battles were real nail biters, with Dave and Dennis' Soviets attacking Cody's Germans, while Garry's Soviets assaulted the German forces of the other Cody and Dan.

In the end, Dennis managed a final turn assault to take Cody's objective, while Garry's Soviets broke just as they were within sight of victory. So the honors for this month ended up split.

Garry's Soviets Advance to Contact

Dennis' Tankovy Push Forward

Dave's Infantry Dig In on an Objective

While His T-34s Draw First Blood

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