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2019 - Number 69


Cody's Panthers Under British Fire
Flames of War - Global Normandy Campaign Kickoff

With Flames of War kicking off a global campaign set in Normandy, we wanted to start things off right. So for our FOW open play day in October We did a large game with US and British forces assaulting a group of German forces, set in typical Norman terrain.

The scenario saw the Allies trying to force one of the many river lines in the area, using British forces from Fortress Europe and US forces from D-Day: Americans. The German defenders included a Luftwaffe field force, and a stronger panzer and panzergrenadier force.

The game was great, with the Allies breaching the river line but taking heavy casualties, leaving the German forces holding on with a very narrow victory. Excellent fun!

Luftwaffe Platoon Hugs a Hedgerow

View From the German Rear

The River Village Under Heavy Bombardment

US Forces Approach the Village

British Armor Secures a Bridgehead

Luftwaffe Mortars Engage

German Reserves Finally Arrive

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