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2019 - Number 68


Steve and his Nephew Deploy Some Poles
Team Yankee - October

Our regular Team Yankee open play during October featured a wide array of force matchups, as players continue to expand their forces, and add new ones for the Oil War theater.

We had a total of five games, including one with 4 players and another Oil Wars game with 5 (on a very large table). This month also saw the debut of a US Marine force for the Middle East, and another Israeli force got its baptism of fire.

Oil War Action

A Polish Hind in Action

A Hail Rocket Battery Opens Fire

Some Poles Taking Losses

Polish T-72Ms

A River Bridge Links Two Tables

Heavy Fighting to Control the Bridge

Bart and Gary Mix it Up

Israeli Recon is Hit by Arab Armor

The Giant 5 Player Table

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