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2019 - Number 67


Good View of the Table in Action
Flames of War - Roncey Pocket Mega Game

Our mega game for September was Normandy-themed, using the Flames of War v4 rules. The game was set during the German attempts to break out of the Roncey Pocket, after being surrounded during the breakout following Operation Cobra. A large number of German formations had become trapped around the village of Roncey, and were ordered to break out to the southeast, before the thin line of American forces containing the pocket became thicker.

The game had the German forces attacking, and with more points than the US defenders, but with a lot of ground to cover. The first two turns were night turns, as the breakout attempts started overnight, and this allowed the German forces to get close to the defenders under cover of the night. The US forces were steadily reinforced, and a set of desperate close actions ensued as they tried to secure the objectives clustered near the US table edge.

When the dust settled, the Germans were holding 3 objectives and the US forces holding 5, with another still contested. A narrow American victory, as they barely managed to blunt the German spearheads - quite a historical result, and great fun as well.

Panzers Advance Between Hedgerows

German Commanders in the Center

A US Tank Destroyer Formation Enters the Fray

Heavy Action Southeast of Roncey

The Constrained Terrain Really Affected Tactics

As it Did Historically

German Armor Pushes Up from Roncey

Heavy Fighting North of Roncey

Panthers Come to Grief So Close to Victory

US Reserves Pour In

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