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2019 - Number 64


The Difficult Creek
Skirmish Group - Black Powder After Shiloh Action

The Skirmish Group staged a follow-up action in their 28mm ACW series using the Black Powder rules, set in the aftermath of the battle of Shiloh. In their previous action, the Confederate assault on day one was decisively defeated, and the southern forces fell back toward their depot at Corinth Mississippi.

This game saw a rearguard action as the Confederates covered their retreat over a rain-swollen creek. In a reversal of fortune worthy of a telenovela, the Confederates instead attacked the pursuing Union forces and drove them back toward Shiloh. A surprising and excellent game, November will see a tense finale to the series.

Confederate Forces Deploy

The Union Advance in the Center

The Confederate Right Attacks

While Their Center Holds

Retreating Across the Creek

As the Withdrawal Continues

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