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2019 - Number 55


Union Forces Deploy on the East table
Skirmish Group: Shiloh, Day One

The Skirmish Group started a series of Black Powder ACW battles this month, commencing with a scenario set during the first day of the battle of Shiloh, 1862. This battle features early war forces with reduced stamina, and a preponderance of smoothbore muskets, creating some interesting tactical challenges.

The battle saw a furious Confederate assault across two tables, quickly putting the entire Union line under pressure. The Union forces were stalwart, though, and gave as good as they got. The day ended with the Confederates failing to match their historical progress, which will set up interesting conditions for next month's continuation into day two.

The Western Table

The Confederate Advance Begins

The Pressure Builds

And on the East Table as Well

Union Forces Maneuver to Retake Shiloh Church

The Hornets' Nest Under Assault

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