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2019 - Number 53


Good View of the Board
Team Yankee: Oil Wars

After our Valley of Tears mega game, we decided the table was too nice to take down immediately, so we fast forwarded about 10 years to the mid-1980s and did a big game of Team Yankee: Oil Wars.

We're still building forces for this era, so my 1967 Israelis were pressed into service to ensure everyone could play, but the game looked great.

My 1967 Israelis Forced Back Into Service

The scenario was another Syrian assault on the area, but set during the 1982 fighting in Lebanon. The upgraded equipment now available to both sides made for a very interesting game.

The game was quick and tense, with the Israelis holding strong on both flanks, but with Dave's Syrians pretty much breaking my Israeli reserve formation in the center, leaving the honrs fairly even. The game was great, and the extra space with fewer players on the 26 foot long table giving a very nice dynamic.

It Doesn't End Well - T-72Ms are Scary

Israeli Infantry Holds Tough

Israeli Fire Pummels a BMP Unit

Action Heats Up in the Valley

Israeli Airpower Arrives to Stem the Tide

More Syrians Move Up

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