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2019 - Number 52


The Syrian Left Gets Going
Mega Game: Valley of Tears, 1973

Our mega game for July used the Fate of a Nation (Team Yankee Early) rules to cover the pivotal battle of the 1973 Syrian assault on the Golan Heights, during the Yom Kippur War.

The mix saw 12 players fielding roughly 650 points for each side, for a total of over 1300 points on the table. The Israelis had commanding positions and tank ramps for one of their platoons, but had half of their points in reserve.

This led to a very tense, hard fought game.

View from the Southwest

The fighting was heavy right from the start, with the Syrian forces in the south moving briskly to the heights, ignoring heavy casualties. The fighting in the center was back and forth, while in the north the Syrians struggled against dug in Israeli paratroops holding good terrain.

The battle was in doubt until the final turn, when the Syrian left broke one opposing Israeli company, allowing them to finally secure 3 objectives in that sector. So the game ended in a narrow, hard fought Syrian victory. Great fun!

Israeli Sho'ts Engage Arab Armor

Israeli Sayur Recon Formation in Action

Syrian MiGs Make a Bomb Run

Israeli AT Jeeps Support Their Paras

Good View of the Full Table

Gary's Israelis Take Their First Casualties

Syrians Advance En Masse

Israelis Try to Slow the Syrian Masse

Syrian BTRs Take on the Sayur Jeeps

And Are Ambushed by Shermans

A Hail Battery Tries to Range In

Syrians Under Heavy Fire in the South

More Hails Draw Fire

Reserve Shermans Move Up Into Tank Ramps

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