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2019 - Number 51


Giant Oil Wars Game Gets Going
Team Yankee: July Organized Play

Our regular organized play day for Team Yankee this month saw a very strong turnout, as Oil Wars continues to gain momentum, and those prefering the European theater still going strong.

The mix saw 8 players for our Middle East theater tables, and 4 for our European theater tables.

Dennis and Gary Confer

We did another large game in the evening, again with Middle Eastern terrain, featuring 300 points of Soviets against 300 points of Dutch, US Marines and US armor. Great fun!

Action on the Smaller Middle East Board

Tyler Surveys a German Valley

As Usual, the McDonalds Draws a Warsaw Pact Advance

Action Heats Up in the Valley

Cody's Forces Push Against Joe's Soviets

US, Israeli and Canadian Forces Face Syrians and Russians

Syrians Advance En Masse

Soviets and US Marines Tangle

Israeli Phantoms Arrive

While Syrian Losses Mount

A10s Strike the Soviet Spearhead

More Action in the Valley

Soviets Push Against Dutch and US Marines

The Dutch Under Fire

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