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2019 - Number 5


West Germans in Action Near Leipzig
Team Yankee: WW3 Rages Into the New Year

Our ongoing Team Yankee campaign continued this month with yet more action across Europe. The NATO forces had cut the last remaining supply corridor to the Warsaw Pact forces clustered around the Ruhr to Rhine areas, and also those holding Frankfurt, last month.

This month the Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces launched a barrage of attacks, aiming to re-establish their supply lines. The NATO forces were hard pressed, but in the end managed to hold and retain control of Harz and Leipzig, maintaining their encirclement of the WP spearheads. All did not go NATO's way, though, as a renewed NATO assault on Dresden was repulsed, and Soviet forces managed a very close draw to almost seize control of Braunschweig, which would have weakened the NATO corridor.

This month also saw the first action of a Dutch reserve force, and a US Marine force, as more forces from Free Nations and Stripes have been completed by our players.

British Infantry Outside Braunschweig

US Marines With a Hastily Released Sergeant York Battery

US Marines Near Harz

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