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2019 - Number 49


Pre-Game Banter Phase
Hail Caesar: Roman Civil War

The Skirmish Group's game for this month went for some Hail Caesar action, with Arb and Shawn setting up a nifty scenario pitting two Roman forces against each other.

This offered a great opportunity for new players to pick up the game, while dealing with a limited range of troop types.

Good View of the Usurper's Forces

We set up the table with a fairly open space typical for Ancient actions, set in rolling, cultivated terrain.

As is typical in Hail Caesar, the sides got stuck in promptly, with general mayhem being initiated all along the line.

Lynn Helps with the Banter

On the Usurper's left, a titannic cavalry battle ensued, with the current emperor's forces bending, and then finally routing, giving the advantage to the Usurper.

In the center, the fighting was also intense, but here the more legion-heavy imperial forces prevailed, but only after heavy casualties.

On the Usurper's right flank, their forces, reinforced with elephants, pushed aggressively, but were unable to make headway, leading to a tightly contested draw. Overall, the advantage in the center was sufficient to give the action overall ot the existing Emperor's forces, but it was a very narrow margin of victory in the end. Great fun!

The Existing Emperor's Right Advances

Massed Legions in the Center

The Elephants Trundle Forward

Heavy Fighting in the Center

Legions Clash

Cavalry Action on the Usurper's Left

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