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2019 - Number 46


Italian Forces Thrust at the NZ Flank
Flames of War: El Alamein Campaign Update

Our El Alamein campaign saw more action recently, as the regrouped Axis forces continued to pummel the reinforced Allied forces all along the El Alamein line.

The most recent game saw a renewed assault on the western end of the Allied line, near Junction, with Italian forces from the Trieste Division and 9th Bersaglieri regiment assaulting dug in troops from the 2nd New Zealand Division. The Italians pushed deeply into the New Zealand flank, but in the end were unable to take an objective, and were forced to withdraw to regroup.

The New Zealand Box

Bersaglieri Threaten From All Sides

Italian 88s Pound the Defenders

Valentine Reserves Arrive to Heavy Fighting

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