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2019 - Number 44


Hero Tankovy Turn the German Flank
Flames of War: Fortress Europe / Late War - First Game!

Flames of War recently launched their new, revamped introduction to the Late War era (1944-45), with the Fortress Europe book and associated unit cards. Fortress Europe allows players with mid-war armies to easily transition into late war, and covers the first months of 1944, which saw heavy fighting on both the eastern front and in Italy.

The book covers forces from this period for the Germans, Soviets, Americans and British. The point system changes to reflect the bigger and better tanks becoming more common, and the book introduces the Sherman Firefly for the British, and the T-34/85 for the Soviets.

We recently got our first game in using the new book / cards, a 150 point clash between two Soviet Hero Tankovy Battalions and a German Panther Company, supported by a Tiger platoon. The game flowed very smoothly, and wound up being a real nail biter, with the Soviets gaining a very narrow victory on the very last turn. I really liked the feel of the armies, and look forward to a lot of future matchups in this era.

The Heavy Tank Killer Company Draws lots of Fire

The Second Hero Tankovy Assaults Through the Wooded Area

German Infantry and Support Surrounded on a Wooded Hill

Panthers and Tigers React to the Soviet Advance

The Germans Use Smoke to Isolate One Soviet Formation

And Try to Break the Soviet Left Pincer

Final Fight on the German Left

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