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2019 - Number 43


Ian's Impressive Frogfoot Flight
Team Yankee: Campaign and Oil Wars

Our most recent Team Yankee day saw a continuation of our Firestorm: Drive on Berlin campaign, with the Warsaw Pact forces managing to counterattack on multiple tables, trying to push some of the encroaching NATO forces back from Berlin.

We also managed our first large Oil Wars game, with Israelis taking on a huge Syrian force on the Golan Heights. We had to fill in some Fate of a Nation Israelis, as reserve troops - the stats work, but we had to ignore points for them. Tis game was a real cracker, with the Israelis hanging on stoically for some time, before being forced from the field by the masses of Syrians. Great fun!

As players continue to accumulate painted Oil Wars forces, we plan to offer both European theater and Middle East theater tables each month, so players can play in either environment. Oil Wars has really broadened the possibilities for Team Yankee, and we are really enjoying it

Czech Armor Struggles to Keep up with the Frogfeet

The US Cavalry Fight Back

Cav Under Heavy Fire

IPM1s Arrive to Assist

Setting Up on the Oil Wars Table

"Old School" Israeli Reserve Armor

British Defend Dresden Against a Soviet Counterattack

Frogfoot vs. IPM1

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