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2019 - Number 42


German Defenders Around the Chateaux
Bolt Action: D-Day 75th Anniversary Game

In honor of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, we organized a big Bolt Action game. The scenario used the para drop rules, which are great fun, with small forces of British and US paratroopers dropping and attempting to secure a critical crossroads.

The table featured an area of French countryside around a chateaux and the important crossroads, with the German defenders starting pinned but deployed to protect the roadblock.

The actual game was very good, with a lot of back and forth as the attacckers struggled to form up and push on the objective, while the defenders were under fire from all sides. The end result was an appropritae Allied victory, although with heavy casualties. Fun stuff, and a great way to spend the 75th anniversary.

The No Longer Peaceful Countryside

German Roadblock on Alert

The Critical Crossroads

Firing Creates Bovine Alarm

US Paras Take Heavy Casualties

While British Paras Form Up and Advance

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