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2019 - Number 38


The Cavalry Battle Gets Going
Skirmish Group: Black Powder / Napoleon in Spain

The final battle in the latest Skirmish Group series, using Black Powder Napoleonics and set in Spain, turned out to be a thrilling nail biter.

Dave again had a nearby table as the opposing cavalry clashed near the main action, and a larger table with the core forces for each side to duke it out. The cavalry table was a hoot, with back and forth action that seemed lean toward a different expected winner each turn, but finally culminating in a French victory.

On the main table there was a similar dynamic, with the French doing well on one flank, while the British pummeled the French on the other. The overall tally saw a narrow French win overall. This turned out to be a great game series, with very entertaining gameplay and beautiful troops. Next month they will do a one-off game of WW1 Square Bashing, and then move on to their next series, Black Powder American Civil War.

British Cavalry Advances With Support

French & Germans Advance Aggressively

French Forces Move Up in the Center

Mark Contemplates His Next Move

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