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2019 - Number 36


Mark and Ed Confer on Our Tactics
Bolt Action: Paradrop Mission Playtest

In preparation for our Bolt Action D-Day scenario coming up, four of us got together recently to playtest the Paradrop mission, to iron out any kinks before we try it with a larger group of players.

The mission saw the Axis (Mat's Germans and my Italians) defending a key church / area HQ. We had to leave half of our units in reserve, and we deployed around the church, and the adjoining vineyards. The Allies (Dave's British Paras and Jay's US Paras) then were able to drop all of their units, each landing and receiving a pin.

The action was instant, and in a string of very consistent luck the Axis forces almost always managed the first several order dice for each turn, allowing us to keep the paras pretty much pinned down, and whittle their numbers down. A heroic assault briefly took the church, but the Germans managed to retake it and the Axis hung on for a narrow win. Great fun, and a very interesting mission. I look forward to the D-Day games on the 6th of June.

Mat's Sniper Keeps the Paras Pinned Down

The Italians Hold Out in the Vineyard

Mark Helps Pull Order Dice for Us

British Para Jeeps Punish the Italians

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