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2019 - Number 32


The Israeli Braintrust Deploys Their Forces
Fate of a Nation Mission Test

We are getting ready to do a campaign set in the Yom Kippur War, using the Fate of a Nation rules from Battlefront. For the campaign I have designed three new missions, that reflect unque actions from the war, and I wanted to playtest the drafts. Bart, Gary, Dave and Dennis were willing, so we tried out the Purple Line Assault Mission.

The mission recreates the initial Syrian assaults on the Israeli fortifications along the ceasefire line in the Golan Heights, the so-called "purple line". The israeli forces are heavily outnumbered, with deep scattered reserves, but protected by a table wide AT ditch and tank ramps that make their armor very hard to hit.

The mission worked pretty well, with the Syrians struggling to gap the ditch, under heavy Israeli fire, and racing for the objectives. They just barely missed contesting them by turn 6, giving the Israelis a bloody and narrow victory.

Syrian Infantry Struggle to Cross the Mined Ditch

While Their Armor Attempts to Gap It

Still Struggling...

Israeli Shermans in Tank Ramps

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