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2019 - Number 21


An A-10 Pummels Soviet Armor
Team Yankee Campaign: Start of Phase 3

Our ongoing Team Yankee campaign entered its final phase this month. After two up and down phases of fighting in Western Germany, NATO has pinned the Warsaw Pact forces back. The finale phase will focus on the drive for Berlin, the capture of which will end the campaign.

NATO's material advantage is reflected in them needing to roll a 3+ for each game to be the aggressor, and place a battle arrow on the campaign map. True to form, as the phase started most of the NATO players held the initiative and pushed into East Germany.

The first action saw a combined US and British force seize Dresden from two Soviet armored forces. Other actions saw an East German force hold Salzburg against a West German assault, and another Soviet force managed to hold Hamburg against a US assault. The final actions saw a British force take both Ustecky and Oder-Spree from two Soviet defenders. NATO now stands on the brink of bringing the war to Berlin.

One of the Actions Featured an Urban Table

East Germans Occupy an Apartment Complex

Good View of the Urban Table (Salzburg)

Heavy Fighting Outside Dresden

Soviet Air Defence Under Fire

Gary Plots the Fall of Dresden

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