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2019 - Number 16


View from the North End of the Table
Flames of War Mega Game: Chernobyl, 1943

Our latest mega game was set in late 1943, after Kursk, as German forces fell back to try to hold the line of the Dnepr River in what is now Ukraine. There was heavy fighting all along the river, but we focused on the action in the north, near the now famous city of Chernobyl.

The scenario saw Soviet forces with a series of small bridgeheads on the west bank of the Dnepr, with German reserves rushing to contain them and hopefully push them back across the river line. The Soviets had an advantage in airpower, and artillery positions on the far bank, but the Germans received reserves faster due to not having to ferry them across the river.

Our game played quite historically, with several bridgeheads being overwhelmed, while others expanded and pushed the German forces back from the river. Although a German victory overall, this was just the first in a series of actions as Soviet forces breached the river along its length. Great fun.

The Terrain is Open, with Tributaries and Marshes

Soviet AT Guns Defend the Southernmost Bridgehead

Terrain in the South - Scattered Farms, Marshes and Woodlots

German Reserves Arrive

The Action Gets Heavier

Panzergrenadiers Move on a Small Village

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