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2019 - Number 15


Indians Deploy Near Naqb abu Dweiss
NUTS El Alamein Campaign: July 12 Battles

Our ongoing El Alamein campaign continued into July 12th, with the resolution of 2 critical battles. Along the coast, the Italian Trieste and Brescia Divisions, which had cut the coast road east of the El Alamein box but then been cut off, fought valiantly against a determined assault by the British 4th Armoured Brigade. After a very close game, the British forces were able to gain a 6-3 victory, and the Italian forces were forced to surrender.

The opposite was the case in the southwest, where the 9th Indian Brigade had been cut off in the fortified area of Naqb abu Dweiss, close to the Qattara Depression. The Indians were low on supplies, and desperately trying to hold until British forces could relieve them. The Italian 9th Bersaglieri launched their 5th assault on the position, hoping to bag the Indians and free up the Axis forces surrounding them.

After an incredibly close fight, the Indians just managed to pull off a narrow win on turn 9 of a Fighting Withdrawal battle, avoiding captivity and leaving hope for relief alive. We have one more battle from July 12th to fight next month, but the campaign has been a big success so far, generating tons of quite interesting tabletop actions, and helping us learn how to utilize the forces available historically at this point in Flames of War. Great fun.

Jim and Dave Deploy Near Alam el Dakar

Italian Bersaglieri Force the Indian Infantry Back

British Armor Pushes Into Italian Positions

Valentines Duel with 90mm Lancias

British Armor Takes Heavy Losses

But Prevails in the End

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