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2019 - Number 14


German and Russian Forces Meet on the Steppes
Stalingrad Campaign: Start of Phase 2

Our ongoing Stalingrad campaign continued this month, with us re-starting from the initial positions after the Russians dominated the initial fighting.

The German commanders had learned many hard lessons, and the fighting so far in phase 2 has been far more even. We had several open field battles in the areas outside Stalingrad, with the Russian forces winning the area, and then the Germans throwing them back, and then the Russians taking the area again.

We also had the start of the fighting in the city itself, where the Russian forces had dominated during phase 1. In the first battle, the Germans managed to take the first point in an incredibly close game, that went back and forth throughout. In the end, proper utilization of their assault pioneers won the day for the German forces, starting them off on the right foot for this round.

We'll have more action next month!

Nebelwerfers Pound the Enemy

Dan Contemplates His Next Move

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