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2019 - Number 13


Players Start Their Deployments
Team Yankee Campaign: Conclusion of Phase 2

Our ongoing Team Yankee campaign continued this month, with one last push by Warsaw Pact forces to re-open supply routes to their spearheads, stranded across West Germany. The second phase of the campaign, representing a renewed all out push by Soviet and Pact forces, hung in the balance.

The Soviet and Warsaw Pact forces launched a barrage of attacks, aiming to re-establish their supply lines, targeting Leipzig, Bremen, Munich and Niederbayern. Munich fell again, but that did not free up a supply line. It was at Leipzig that the decisive battle occurred. East German forces managed to break into the city, freeing the supply line, but a British counterattack retook the city before supplies could flow.

We now head into a short cease fire, allowing the trapped Warsaw Pact forces to be repatriated, before conflict resumes next month. Phase 3 will see an all-out NATO offensive to push into East Germany, where taking Berlin will end the war in their favor. Soviet and Pact forces are hastily regrouping, to be ready to repel the invaders.

We Had a Full House Again

Initial Action Near Leipzig

US Forces Deploy Outside Munich

US Counterattack in Neiderbayern

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