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2018 - Number 9


The British High Command
Bolt Action Tank War Game

Several players around the shop have been collecting later war western front vehicles to play some games of Bolt Action: Tank War.

I made a few tweaks to the vehicle damage table, to reduce the chance of killing a tank outright unless you achieve massive damage. The groups tried them out and they seemed to work pretty well.

British Armor Moves Up

The mission was a meeting engagement, and the table offered some interesting tactical choices, with limited open terrain between the forces.

The German forces pinned the British left, contesting the open area with a large number of their tank platoons, while a more infantry heavy force, supported by a StuG platoon, pushed through the wooded stream area to threaten the British right.

In the tank duels, British firepower proved superior overall, inflicting higher casualties on the attacking Germans. A final desperate assault on the center with (very brave) SS troops was turned back, leaving the field as a minor British victory. Great fun and a wonderful looking game.

Gary's Panzer IVs, Supported by a Marder

Arb's German Infantry Push Up on their Left

Lynn's Advance, Looking Like XXX Corps in Market Garden

British Shermans Use a Village for Cover

British Infantry Support Their Armor

On Both Flanks

Panthers Arrive as a Mark IV Burns

Heavy Fire Rakes the British Lines

Arb's Armor Bursts from Cover on the British Right

As His Infantry Move Up in Support

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