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2018 - Number 8


Soviet Forces Holding a Key Bridge Under Heavy Fire
February Team Yankee Day: Bonus Shots

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures from our Team Yankee game day this month.

While West Germans Pressure their Other Flank As Well

East German T-55s Wither Under Heavy British Fire

While Their Reserves Move Up

Hitting the British Left Flank

Hinds Pummel British Armor

West Germans Hold in an Industrial Area

Soviets Counterattack a West German Thrust Towards the Bridge

East German Infantry Hold Despite the Tank Casualties

Using Minefields to Best Advantage

Bombarded by Hinds, British Armor Starts to Waver

But Not Before Inflicting Heavy Losses on the Foe

The Hinds Keep Coming

Phantoms Splash a Hind

T-72 vs Leopard

Soviet AA Dominates This Battlefield

East German Counterattack

Slowly Whittles Down their British Foes

Czech and East German Forces Overwhelm a NATO force

Soviet High Tide, Almost Saving the Bridge

British Succumb to East German Numbers

Final Game - Weast Germans Try to Hold Soviets and Poles

Polish T-55s (amazingly) Charge Through a Minefield to Flank Leopard 2s

Gary Feeling Very Outnumbered

Soviet AA Again Dominates the Battlefield

Soviets Close to a Breakthrough on the Left

Shamed, Their Infantry Follows the Poles into the Center Town

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