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2018 - Number 7


East German T-55s Take Heavy Fire from Massed Chieftains
February Team Yankee Game Day

For our regular Team Yankee Day this month we tried out a new mission, with a mix of 1x1 nd 2x2 tables to challenge our players. The mission was Rearguard, with the NATO force on each table attacking, which proved to be an interesting and different experience.

The mission allows both sides to use all of their forces, but the defender must withdraw a unit each turn, starting on turn two, in which they still have 6 or more units on the table. This creates an interesting dynamic, as they have to protect 2 objectives, but will want to withdraw their least combat effective unit if possible.

View From the East German Rear

The NATO forces struggled overall, although all of the games were close.

One action saw a combined Czech and East German force defending against a British / West German attack. The combination of two large but lower skilled forces was too much for the small, rather elite NATO forces. A critical point in the game was when some East German T-55s managed to push into the NATO rear and knock out most of their air defense assets, opening the door for thier Hinds to have a very good day.

On the other tables a British force inflicted massive casualties on an East German force, but couldn't quite get at either objective in time, while a large West German force featuring quite a few Leopard 1 tanks managed to push through a large Soviet force for the win. All of the games were great, and I look forward to next month!

Shilkas Ready to Clear the Skies

The Pride of the BAOR Advances

Soviets Facing West Germans Over a Stream

A Double Table - Czechs & East Germans Plot Strategy

NATO Commanders See the Size of the Warsaw Pact Assault

West Germans Advance

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