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2018 - Number 6


The Battlefield from the British Entry Area
Mega Game: Hubbardton, 1777 with Black Powder

We have a lot of AWI fans around the shop, so I thought I would try to work in an AWI Black Powder game again this year. I chose the Battle of Hubbardton, which occurred during the Saratoga campaign. After being forced to abandon Fort Ticonderoga, the American forces fell back around Lake Champlain for the upper Hudson valley.

The British forces pursued, and caught up with the rearguard, protecting the withdrawal of a number of stragglers, near Hubbardton, Vermont. The scenario featured two actions from the rearguard fights in this area.

Woodland Indians Lead the British Advance

Heavily outnumbered, the American forces had to fight a delaying action as three groups of stragglers withdrew to the south. The British pursuit force was mostly elite light infantry and grenadiers at first, with some Hessian units entering later if needed.

The battle played out pretty historically, until the British managed some key activations and managed to cut off two of the three groups of stragglers. The remaining Americans were too hard pressed to intervene, and although the stragglers fought surprisingly well, they were overwhelmed in the end. This gave the British and Loyalist forces a fairly solid win for the day.

Great fun, and I look forward to our next Black Powder AWI battle.

Three American Straggler Groups Start to Withdraw

The Cabin Near the American Exit Point

The Thin Blue Line

British Elites Flank the American Position

Heavy Fighting in the Woods

The Trailing Stragglers are Overwhelmed

Surrounded Stragglers Fight to the Last

The First Straggler Group Reaches Safety

While the Following Groups Are Caught

View of the Western Table

Good View of the Battlefield from the North

Highlanders are Repulsed

Action on the Continental Right

Close Up of a Straggler Group

Heavy Fighting in the Woods Below the Ridge

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