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2018 - Number 52


East and West Germans Tangle Again
Team Yankee Campaign - November

November's Team Yankee Campaign battles saw the NATO forces continuing to struggle, with renewed Warsaw Pact assaults on Cologne/Bonn and Frankfurt am Main. NATO forces in turn struck Stuttgart and Munich. Although the assault on Munich was repulsed, Stuttgart was retaken, easing the pressure in south German for the moment.

Disaster struck in the other battles, with Cologne falling again, as well as the key air base at Frankfurt am Main. Things are looking dicey for NATO, and we look forward to more heavy fighting in December.

West German Armored Cars Try to Hold a Flank

Soviets and US Armor Clash Near Bonn

M60s Reinforce the Fight

Soviet Reserve Armor Clashes with West Germans and British Armor

Bart and Garry Enjoying the Game

Garry's British with US Allies Advance

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